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What does it cost?

What is the best state to apply for bighorn sheep?

Once you have received your Free HUNT PLAN the next step is to choose whether you would like our assistance in applying for all or some of your applications.

We offer two methods to accomplish this.

Non Floated Hunt Plan

The First: The Non-Floated option which means you will be charged only a fee of $50 per application. These fees will be totaled and you will complete a transaction with The Draw for those fees only in order to lock into your plan.


Moving forward with your credit card which we will have on file will be charged throughout the application season for the state licenses and application fees to included any applications that require all of the money up front in order to apply.


Floated Hunt Plan

The Second: The Floated option which means you will have a one-time charge that includes all of your state license and application fees, as well as The Draw Service fees and any Floats that would be required with your Hunt Plan.  We will process all of the transactions with the states through our credit cards here at The Draw. If you are successful in drawing a permit then we will use your credit card that we have on file to square up on the cost of that permit as well as any potential Float service fees within 7-10 business days of receiving the successful notification.  

Flat Fee of $35.00 per application

For Customers who choose the Floated Hunt Plan plus 9% of the cost of the permit if the money is required up front or after the tag has been drawn. 

(for a more complete breakdown of what fees to expect when choosing the Floated Options

please follow this link to our Float Service Page)

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