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With some of the best odds year in and year out these secondary opportunities offered by many different states are a must for the serious applicant looking to round out an already strong portfolio.

For example: Currently there are 13 different bighorn sheep raffles happening across the western states. These are state issued permits and often allow the winner a chance to hunt most if not all of the units in the state for extended amount of time compared to the regular draw hunts. Sometimes these permits are transferable and the winner is even able to sell them for incredible amounts of money. 

The current cost to apply 1 ticket in each option for all 13 of these sheep draws is approximately $209.


We charge a flat fee of $100 in order to process these applications and will submit as many chances for as many species as you would like annually. 

New Mexico State Wide Deer Raffle Winner 2020

Whitetail, Black Bear, Turkey, Hunts

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