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What is the best state to hunt elk in?

Do you offer hunting destinations that do not require drawing a permit?

Yes, at The Draw we consult individually to each of our hunters around whatever their goals may be. It is not uncommon at all to be helping our hunters whom are interested in a specific species or particular hunt that does not require a draw. We work with many operations that offer these experiences; and after covering all of our bases to make sure the experience is exactly what you are looking for, we can set these adventures up no problem.

Do you offer consulting to hunters who are more interested in DIY Hunts?

Absolutely, this is how we were raised; and with on the ground experience in many of these areas we are often able to help you after the tag is drawn, to aid in getting prepared for the hunt.

I would like to plan on hunting with a friend, how does this work?

Often the answer to this question lies in what the ultimate goal is. There are some states who do not allow for party applications for certain species, and others that do hurt your odds of drawing dramatically even if it’s allowed. When working with The Draw we will help you to understand the different states that have systems that are more conducive to party applications and help you to build a plan that will maximize your investment, without spending money in states that simply make no sense for this type of application.

I have young hunters in my family, what opportunities are out there for them, and is there a cost savings?

With up and coming hunters in our own families we absolutely understand how important it is to get these youth in the field on quality experience as soon as possible. We also understand that getting started building these valuable points is more important than ever. There are many states that have large discounts for the youth and some that have set aside different “Youth Only” hunts that often have incredible odds. At The Draw we work hard to stay up on the different opportunities that are out there for the youth; and whether we are setting up a dream hunt for sooner than later, or simply building points for the future, we can help you understand where to get the best bang for your buck without breaking the bank!

Am I allowed to pick what units I would like to apply for?

The simple answer is yes, you can be as involved in this process as much as you would like. Up until the application has been submitted to the state, we can make adjustments at any time. Most of our hunters allow us to pick the units for them based on years of research and on the ground experience; but we would never want to get in the way of a plan that you already have in place and would work hard to be a part of this plan, not a hindrance.

I don’t have a hunter’s safety card, can I still participate?

Depending on your age  and the states we are applying for, this may or may not create a problem.  There are still a few states that do not require a card at the time of the application or at all if you are over 18 years old; but this is becoming a thing of the past, and more often than not you will be required to have a card at some point. With a little time and effort this is much easier to overcome than in the past. There are a number of on-line hunter’s education courses available. Although they can take a few hours to complete, they do not require a “field day” and are accepted by all of the different states we are currently applying for. For more information about these courses please call us today and we will work with you to locate the appropriate course.  

How often can I expect to draw different hunts?

This will all depend on your goals. We can build you different packages that will likely put you in the field as often as you would like. This has a lot to do with the species you are interested in hunting.  Species like Sheep, Mountain Goat and Shiras Moose are quite difficult to draw. This being said; if you are interested in hunting for elk, deer, and antelope while we are waiting on these once-in-a-lifetime species, there are lots of different hunting opportunities that are still very high caliber, but don’t take long to draw. This goes for hunters looking to be outfitted on their experience as well as the DIY hunter.  With different “Point Only” options that many states offer, we can customize a program for you that will help you in avoiding a surprise hunt, and these programs can be changed from year to year. Often life happens, and whether you have another hunt lined up or a personal matter like a wedding to attend, The Draw will help you to customize your program each year so the news of drawing the hunt of a lifetime will be music to your ears!

I have a friend who is an outfitter, if I draw a permit with your program can I still hunt with them?

You are in no way required to hunt with any of our recommended outfitters once you have secured a permit. This allows us to consult properly to each hunt depending on not only the state, but the area of the state that the permit has been drawn for. We are excited to be a part of your hunting achievements and would never want to pull you away from a plan that you have in place. This being said, we are familiar with many of the names and outfitters in the industry. If you have questions about a service you are looking into, give us a call and let us be a part of your research. We by no means work with every great outfitter in the industry, but just like anything, if you are around long enough you hear the good and the bad. We work hard to line up our hunters with outfitters that have proven track records, and will be as involved in the process as you would like.

Will I lose the points that I have accrued with another application service if I switch over to The Draw?

As each of these states operate their draws on different platforms, the points that are accrued have nothing to do with The Draw or any other application service in the industry. The points are tracked through each of the different state websites and will follow you wherever you go. We do not increase your odds of drawing any given permit; but as you work towards your goals with your consultant we will help you to ensure that you are getting a fair chance at drawing each of the permits you are applying for, and that no applications are wasted on areas that have a 0% chance of drawing for one reason or the other. 

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