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Tag Insurance

$100 per year / per customer

With the growing cost of once-in-a-lifetime permits going up we have created a product that helps alleviate the large unexpected expense that occurs when a hunter lucks into one of these permits. For the low cost of $100 per year hunters who are successful in drawing a once-in-a-lifetime permit per state regulations to include all Bighorn sheep, Moose, Mountain Goat, Bison, and Oryx in the lower 48 we will cover the cost of the state permit. 

Lightning Strike Package

$350 per year / per customer

Drawing a hunt that has less than 1% odds is always an exciting problem. Getting caught off guard by one of these incredible opportunities can often lead to lots of anxiety considering the cost of the hunt that comes out of left field. For customers who purchase the Lightning Strike Package and are successful in drawing one of these hunts, The Draw will cover the cost of the outfitter up to $15,000. This is limited to one hunt per year, and we confirm the odds of drawing by referencing the odds posted on odds calculator. The long story short is this, if you were to enroll in this program and are successful anytime between 1 and 42 years you would potentially be money ahead depending on the hunt you have drawn and the outfitter you choose to hunt with

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