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Yacht Based Spring Black Bear Hunts Alaska

If you are looking for a next level black bear hunt to share with your friends or family, this is exacty what you have been looking for. Based in a 60 foot yacht with four state rooms and private bathrooms, this experience is like few others in all of Alaska. The bear hunting is outstanding with a serious chance to harvest a mature bear. The hunting will be done primarily from the boat, once a mature bear is spotted you will skiff to shore where you will then pursue on foot in order to get in postion for a shot. This hunt requires a minium of 3 hunters on the boat, and no mixed groups. If you are ready to see the finer side of Alaska give us a call and talk to a consultant about these incredible spring adventures. 

Yacht Based Spring Black Bear Hunts Alaska

  • $9,200 per hunter + State Tax 

    $5, 000 observer fees

    6 days of hunting 6 nights on the boat

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