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Yacht Based Kodiak Brown Bear Hunts Alaska

If you are looking for something other than sleeping in a spike tent, while hunting the biggest bears on the planet, you have found exactly what you are looking for. This 60 foot yacht has two state rooms with private bathrooms and queen size beds. It is the picture of luxury and comfort on what is typically one of the most grueling species in North America to hunt. These 10 day hunts, are world class and you will be hunting bears ranging from 9-10+ feet. The hunts will include lots of glassing from the yacht, some time on the island glassing in known areas that historically hold big bears. Once the right bear is located you will move in on foot to get your opportunity. Hunts are conducted in the fall on odd years, and in the spring of the even years. If this is just the kind of hunt you are looking for, give us a call and our professional consultants will walk you through the process to get all set for this adventure. 

Yacht Based Kodiak Brown Bear Hunts Alaska

  • 10 Day Hunts 

    Fall Hunts $35,000 - 2023 (Plus Charter and Land use fees)

    Spring Hunts $35,000 - 2024 (Plus Charter and Land use fees)

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