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Woodland Caribou hunting in Newfoundland

Whether you are looking at completing your North American Slam or just can't get over how impressive these woodland caribou are with their white necks and sweeping antlers this outfitter has you covered. His high success on above average bulls has set him apart as the premier destination for this incredible caribou species. Accommodations are anything from lodge based to wall tents with wood floors and heaters depending on the herd movements, and with a professional staff and guides you will be well fed and well taken care of for the duration of your trip. Give us a call today to talk about booking this world class hunt. 

* Caribou and Moose Combinations hunts are also available

Woodland Caribou Hunting in Newfoundland

  • 6 Day Hunt 1x1

    $14,000 + 15% Tax & License


    7 Day Combo Hunt (Caribou & Moose) 1x1 

    $17,600 +15% Tax & License

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