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Best Mountain Lion Hunting in the United States

Hunting Mountain lions in Utah has always been different than most all of the western states. There is a draw processes that has limited the number of lions on a number of units across the state, and quota's that shut the season down quickly in the few exceptions. In 2020 this has changed on a number of these units and what used to be some of the toughest drawing odds in the country even with 15+ years worth of points is now available over-the-counter. These are not simply a chance to go hunt a lion with hounds, these are some of the countries top shelf destinations in areas that have been managed for age class for over two decades. If you have ever dreamed about hunting a lion, and have always believed that this would be a one time hunt for an above average cat, this is the exact year and location to make this dream a reality. Our excellent hounds-man is a third generation lion and bear hunter, and has a pack of dogs that would hold their own with any pack in the country. With over 30 dogs at his disposal, you can be sure to be running fresh dogs each day, and with an intimate knowledge of the area, you will not be simply hunting for a lion, but given the opportunity to hunt in these historically hard areas to draw you will be hunting lions that they have been watching grow up, and mature over the last number of years, it will not be by chance that you encounter a giant Tom it will be because you where in that canyon for a reason, and actually targeting that cat. Give us a call or click here for MORE INFORMATION and a consultant will help you with all the details in lining up this incredible adventure. 

Trophy Mountain Lion Hunts in Utah

  • 5 Day Hunt

    $6,500 1x1

    $5,500 2x1

    Bobcat availalbe on trophy fee for an additional $1,800 - tag must be purchased before November deadline

    2nd Lion is availalbe on a $2,500 trophy fee (ask for details if intrested)

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