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Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunting Outfitter in Texas - Corporate Retreat

Whether you are looking to get a break from the cabin fever or need a first class location to mix some business with fun, give us a call today to talk about this amazing 6,000-acre estate property a short drive out of Del Rio, Texas. With its dense cover and strategic management strategies this outfitter and his professional staff have worked tirelessly to ensure you a hunt you will not soon forget. Its 7,000 square foot lodge host large groups very well with private bathrooms in each suite as well as personal thermostat to ensure you are perfectly comfortable each night. In between hunts you can catch a round of skeet shooting, relax in the 10 person hot tub, or challenge your buddies to some billiards, or shuffleboard. Meals are homemade and delicious; you can expect two large meals a day with as many homemade snacks as you can handle in the meantime. Give us a call today and let’s talk about planning your next adventure to this incredible destination.

South Texas Exotics

  • Daily Rate $500 full day/ $350 half day + Trophy Fee

    Recommend 3 days of hunting (6 hunts)

    Axis  Dee                           $3,300

    Black Buck                       $2,500

    Aoudad Sheep               $3500

    Pure bred Mouflon       $3,000

    Addax                                 $4,500

    Red Stag                            $6,000

    Fallow  Dee                       $4,000

    Scimitar Horned Oryx  $4,000

    Nilgai                                   $4,500

    Gemsbok  Bull                 $6,000

    Wildebeest                       $4,500

    Texas Dall Sheep            $1,800

    Black Hawaiin Ram        $1,800

    Hybrid Mouflon Ram     $1,800

    Corsican Ram                    $1,800

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