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Private Land Elk Hunting in Wyoming

This private land elk hunt in southeast Wyoming is really an incredible destination and offers some of the best bulls in the state when hunting on a General permit. With only 4-5 points you can draw this hunt with 100% success and will be off and running. Opportunity for archery hunters has been 100% over the last several years, and if you come prepared to make your shot there is no reason to leave here without a fantastic bull. The rifle hunting is a no-brainer and offers a very target rich enviroment. Located on 60,000 private acres you will be hunting bulls that get very little pressure year over year as well as week over week with only up to 4 hunters allowed on the property at any one time. Calibler of bulls has been consist in the low to mid 300 class with a couple of bulls stretching the tape a little better than that each year. The accomadations are a step back into the past meanwhile offering all of the modern luxeries you could ask for. The original house was built over a 100 years ago and has been the main historical focal point of the region ever since. Having been remodeled there are no details left out with a full bar, and incredible commons and dining rooms you will feel right at home the second you step through the door. Couple this with pictures and artifacts all through the home of the different families that once called this lodge their it is an incredible blast from the past through each step of the entire property. If you are looking for an experience like no other when its time to plan your next hunt, give us a call or click here for MORE INFO and a consultant will walk you through all the details of planning this hunt.  

Private Land Elk Hunting in Wyoming

  • All Hunts are 5 Full Days of Hunting and conducted 1x1

    Rifle & Archery

    Elk: $12,000

    Elk October 1-5 Rifle: $14,000

    Elk & Antelope Combo: $14,250

    Elk & Deer Combo: $20,500

    Elk, Antelope, and Deer Combo: $22,500

    All Hunt are subject to a Food and Lodging tax of $162.50

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