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New Mexico Free Range Aoudad/Barbary Sheep Hunts

Hunt Requires a Draw


Barbary Sheep hunting on public land in New Mexico is very difficult. If you are up for a challenge and truly enjoy a hunt where you will earn your trophy than this hunt is for you. With many miles a day on your boots you and your guide will cover extensive amounts of rock covered ground each day in search of these amazing sheep. Accomadations will be motel style with typically at least an hour of travel to get to where you will start hiking each day. This outfitter and his guides are some of the best in the business and have a near perfect track record over many years. Come prepared for a very physical hunt and you will enjoy every minute of this amazing opportunity that New Mexico offers.  

New Mexico Free Range Aoudad/Barbary Sheep Hunts

  • $4,500 + 8% sales tax & License

    5 Day hunt that must include a weekend


    2x1 Hunts are $4,000 + 8% sales tax and License per person

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