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Maine Moose Hunting

Canadian Moose hunting in Maine is arguable one of the most incredible hunting opportunties in the country. Maine in the fall is an incredible mix of the changing leaves and rutting bull moose as vocal as they will be all year. You can expect to cover lots of ground with your seasoned guide moving from known rutting locations and calling bulls out of the thick stuff. Success rates on these hunts have been over 90% for many years. The hunt will either be conducted out of a 7,000 square foot lodge in the heart of Eagle Lake Maine, or Outpost base camp locations that are anything but roughing it. Your world-class guides and staff will be there to assist in not only the hunt of a lifetime, with every detail of your adventure to ensure it is well planned and you will be taken care of from the moment you arrive. If you are interested in learning more about this amazing opportunity give us a call or message us today, we would love a chance to answer any questions you may have and get you in contact with the outfitter to go over every detail. Do not miss this deadline to apply. 

Maine Moose Hunting

  • 6 Days Eagle Lake Sporting Camps or Village

    $8,500 + 9% sales tax 

    VIP Hunts (Select Zones)

    Starting at $13,000.00 + 9% sales tax



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