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Fully Guided Barren Ground Caribou Alaska - 40 Mile Herd

The 40 mile herd of Barren Ground Caribou is hands down the strongest caribou herd in the state of Alaska with growing numbers each year. Success rates are very high, and the age class of bulls is on the rise as well. There are many 350-400 inch bulls coming out of this herd each year. Working with a veteran guide and outfitter we are excited to have the chance to send a few hunters a year to experience some of the last best caribou hunting on the planet. Hunts will be conducted as a spike camp style of hunt, and hunters will be chartered into strategic locations along known migrations routes, to ensure that you will be in the action and out in front of large portions of the herd as they move through the area. If you and some family or friends have been looking for an above average caribou hunt in Alaska, this is what you have been looking for. Call us today to learn more about this incredible adventure, and to lock in your spots today. 

Fully Guided Barren Ground Caribou Alaska - 40 Mile Herd

  • 3-4 Hunters - 7 Day Hunt

    $9,500 per hunter plus license and permit

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