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Free Range Hunting South Africa

• Free Range Hunting

• Indigenous Species

• 3 large exclusive hunting blocks

• Authentic Camps

• Trophy Quality 

• No High-fences


Our outfitter is a unique South African outfitter offering true Free-Range hunting in three large, unfenced conservancies for exceptional trophy quality animals where they are indigenous and occur naturally.

They hunt three large conservancies. The Baviaans River is 450,000 acres, Stormberg mountains is 150,000 acres and are both in the Eastern Cape. In Kwa-Zulu Natal they hunt Umkomaas which is 100,000. Game has 100% unrestricted movement which creates a large gene pool and healthier animals pass on best genetics, and thus great trophy quality.


The Baviaans River lodge has 8 private chalets and large entertainment area; meals from game shot on safari are prepared in African style open fires. Savannah grasslands and thickly wooded valleys are home to large numbers and variety of animals.


Umkomaas conservancy is dense indigenous forests and rolling hills. The camp is a traditional tented camp on the banks of the river, ensuite chalets, indoor – outdoor showers all contribute to a great atmosphere and luxury tented camp experience.


At 5,500-ft above sea level the Stormberg mountains is a unique area. Waterfowl, greywing partridge and guineafowl make for a good bird hunting challenge. The Vaal Rhebuck are of exceptional quality.



Free Range Hunting South Africa

  • Day rates

    $400/day 1x1

    $185/person/day observer


    Trophy fees  and Areas Hunted

    BR = Bavianns River; UV = Umkomaas; SB = Stormberg


    Baboon $350 BR, UV, SB

    Blesbuck $500 BR, UV, SB

    Bontebuck POR BR

    Bushbuck, Cape $1,250 BR, UV

    Bushpig $1,200 BR, UV

    Caracal $1,300 BR, UV, SB

    Duiker, Blue $2,000 BR, UV

    Duiker, Common $400 BR, UV

    Eland, Cape $2,550 BR, UV, SB

    Gemsbuck $1,450 BR, SB

    Grysbuck, Cape $1,800 BR, SB

    Giraffe $3,500 SB

    Hartebeest, Red $1,100 BR, SB

    Impala $450 BR, UV

    Jackal $250 BR, UV, SB
    Klipspringer $1,500 BR

    Southern Kudu $2,650 UV

    Cape Kudu $1,550 BR

    Lechwe $2,900 BR, SB

    Nyala $2,650 UV

    Reedbuck, common $950 UV

    Reedbuck, mountain $550 BR, UV, SB

    Rhebuck Vaal $1,600 BR, SB

    Springbuck, common $450 BR, SB

    Springbuck, black $650 BR, SB

    Springbuck, white $950 BR, SB

    Steenbuck $450 BR, SB

    Warthog $450 BR, SB

    Waterbuck $2,400 BR, UV

    Wildebeest, Black $850 BR, SB

    Wildebeest, Blue $950 BR, UV

    Zebra, Burchell’s $1,450 BR, UV, SB


    Trophy fees subject to change.



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