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Guided Sitka Blacktail Hunting in Alaska

Kodiak Island is one of the most iconic destinations in North America for big game hunting. These DIY style deer hunts put you into some of the most remote areas of the island and have had excellent results for hunters over many years. You can plan on departing the main vessel each morning and using skiffs to get to shore. Once on shore you will head to different glassing locations and travel corridors to locate and harvest these deer. Hunters will need to be prepared physically as well as with proper gear to pack their deer to the beach for pick-up. Hunters can choose to harvest up to three deer each on this trip, as well as participate in some fast action sea duck hunting. Accommodations are out of a 60 foot Yacht style vessel with a great sleeping quarters and hot meals served daily. If you have been dreaming of getting up to Alaska, give us a call today and let’s talk about the details of this world class trip. Space is limited to 6 hunters per week so book early to ensure you have a spot for this coming fall. 

Boat Based Sitka Blacktail Deer on Kodiak Island

  • 7 Day Hunt - Groups of 4-6 typically required to book, but groups of 2 are possible depending on dates. 

    $4,250.00 + 5% Kenia Bourgh tax

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