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Baited Black Bear Hunts in Alaska

If you are looking for some fantastic black bear hunting with a possibility at a grizzly then you have found the right place. This hunt includes one bear and the hunter can choose to wait for an opportunity at a grizzly or they can choose to take a black bear and continue to hunt for a grizzly on a trophy fee basis. Located outside of Tok, Alaska on state land surrounding the Tanana river and a portion is also located in the Tok management area that has always been considered   Hunts are conducted out a remote rustic cabin, and with great meals and hot spot for both black bear and inland grizzlies. This excellent staff this hunting camp is simply fantastic. Black bears are averaging 6+ feet while the occasional grizzly averaging between 7-8 feet. Space is very limited each season and with only one month of hunting each season a hunter should plan on securing their spots at least one year prior more often than not. 

Baited Black Bear in Alaska with Grizzly Option

  • $8,500 + license & tags (includes one black bear)

    *Grizzly available on $3,000 trophy fee

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