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Alaska Moose Hunting

With close to three decades under his belt this veteran outfitter has built and excellent business and track record hunting and trapping in this pristine one million acre National Wildlife Refuge located in Southcentral Alaska. He and his excellent staff work all year preparing for these incredible adventures to ensure that you truly have the adventure of a lifetime. Trophy quality in this area is fantastic with a number of hunters taking 60+ inch bulls each year. Hunts are conducted out of either base camp with wall tents, heaters to knock the edge off and help dry clothes, and a few more luxuries that just are not feasible on the spike trips. If you choose to hunt out of base camp, be prepared to hunt the same lakes and drainages multiple times during your hunt, using different calling techniques and lots of glassing to locate your bull. Spiking out from the base camp is definitely an option if you decide you would like a change of pace during your week, and can be arranged on the spot.

Other hunters choose to be more mobile for the duration of their hunt and spike out for the entire 10 days. These hunts are conducted out of canoes with outboard motors. You and your guide will set camp each day and then depart quietly in the morning and float down the river looking and calling for moose. Once the sun is high you will return to camp using the motor and either stop for lunch or continue on up the river to begin floating quietly back to camp to close out your day. Success rates have been very high on both these style of hunts for many years, so no matter your preference you can be sure to have a great time and be safe and well taken care of for the duration of your trip. If a giant Alaskan Moose has been on the top of your wish list for too long and it’s time to do something about it give us a call today and let’s talk about the details of this incredible adventure. 

* Moose/Grizzly Combo's are also available to no more than 2 hunters per fall, so if you would like to add a Grizzly for some of the best value we have seen, be sure to call early as these spots typically book up fast. 

Alaska Moose Hunting Outfitter

  • 10 Day Hunt

    $17,500 + License and Charter


    $23,000 Moose/Grizzly Combo (14 Day Hunt)  + License and Charter

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