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Kudu, Eastern Cape Safari, South Africa

Hunt kudu, gemsbuck, sable and over 30 other species of African game on 200,000+ acres in the South Africa's Eastern Cape. This husband and wife team are fifth-generation landowners of this stunning 60,000 acre property. With an additional 200,000 acres of hunting property in some of the most stunning areas this part of the world has to offer. From miles of dense African bush, to the open savannah that gives way to rolling hills and tall mountain landscapes they truly have it all. These habitats are home to over 30 different species, and with your expert professional hunter and trackers you are sure to be in the action for the duration of your trip. Their luxury hunting lodge features three seperate African chalets with private baths. The lodge also offers a full spa service with massages, sauna, and jacuzzi on location you will not find a more relaxing atmosphere after a long day of hunting. This is truly the adventure of a lifetime, whether you are looking to plan a trip with friends, business associates or looking for a perfect place to bring the family, this outfitter and his professional staff will not dissapoint. Give us a call today and lets talk about getting you all set up for a Africa hunt of a lifetime on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. 


*Sunday is a non-hunting day, guest can schedule trips to Addo Elephant park or relax with a lovely barbeque.

South Africa Eastern Cape Plains Game Safari

  • $7,990 1x1

    7 Days, 6 hunting days + 1 Sunday – 5 trophies – 1x1

    Trophy fees for the following animals:

    2 of the following – mix and match:

    Cape Kudu (up to 44) | Gemsbuck | Red Hartebeest | Blue wildebeest | Black wildebeest + 1 of Impala or Mountain reedbuck, PLUS 1 Common springbuck PLUS 1 Blesbuck

    $9,990 1x1

    9 Days, 8 hunting days + 1 Sunday – 7 trophies – 1x1

    Trophy fees for the following animals: 3 of the following – mix and match: Cape Kudu (up to 44) | Gemsbuck | Red Hartebeest | Blue wildebeest | Black wildebeest

    Your choice of the following: 1 of White springbuck or Black springbuck PLUS 1 of Impala or Mountain reedbuck PLUS 1 Common springbuck, PLUS 1 Blesbuck

    Trophy fees on additional species: 

    Blesbuck $545

    White blesbuck $990

    Blue duiker $2,450

    Bontebok $990 - may not be importable to US

    Bushbuck $1250

    Duiker-Grey $420

    Eland $3,450

    Fallow deer $900

    Gemsbuck $1,750

    Grysbuck $2,450

    Giraffe $3,500

    Impala $545

    Klipspringer $1,950

    Cape kudu (under 44) $2,500

    Cape kudu (over 44) $2990

    Mountain reedbuck $545

    Common reedbuck $1,500

    Nyala $2,850

    Cape buffalo <44 $14,900

    Cape buffalo 44-47" $24,900

    Ostrich $965

    Red hartebeest $1,750

    Red lechwe $2,850

    Springbok Cape $420

    Black  & White Springbuck $890

    Copper springbuck $990

    Springbok Coffee $1990

    Steenbuck $420

    Vaal rhebuck $1,950

    Waterbuck $2,850

    Warthog $785

    Black wildebeest $1,500

    Blue wildebeest $1,500

    Golden wildebeest $1,990

    Burchell's zebra $1,500

    Lynx/Caracal $900

    Sable <44 $4,900

    Sable <49 $6,900

    Rhino dart POR

    Lion, Leopard, Hippo, Croc POR

    Buffalo (47"+) or Sable (49"+) POR

    Please note that not all species occur in the same concession.
    Trophy fees subject to change.

    Animals substituted from package animals at a 30% less trophy fee price. New animals will be at current trophy fee.


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