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Gilbert Villegas The Draw Consultant White Sands Missile Range

About Gilbert Villegas

Gilbert was born and raised in Deming, New Mexico and spent most of time hunting and fishing with family and friends. He graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Science Biology Degree. For the last 16 years he has been working as a Wildlife Biologist and Hunt Administrator on the largest military installation in the country. Working on 2.2 million acres has rewarded him with a vast amount of experience in wildlife management; ranging from ungulate aerial surveys, wildlife captures, various wildlife surveys, lizards, bats, butterfly’s and even hummingbirds. As the Hunt Administrator on White Sands Missile Range he has managed thousands and thousands of hunters and has escorted many hundreds of Oryx hunters and Desert Bighorn Sheep hunters. He also guides on private land when he finds the time. He really enjoys experiencing an isolating adventure with family and friends. Gilbert’s passion and gratitude comes when preparation and dedication meet for a hunt. This is what he does best, and he plans to bring his experience and work ethic to The Draw, so give him a call.

This is a collection of hunting and fishing pictures that Gilbert personally took, as well as family hunts and hunts he was guiding. 

Arctic Caribout 3
Pronghorn Trophy
Oryx Wounded Warrior Hunt
Pronghorn Brother 1st
Oryx Wife_s 1st
Oryx Trophy
Oryx wife_s 2nd Oryx
Oryx Trophy Monster
Oryx Trophy Monster Cow 42
Oryx Trophy bull
Oryx Trophy Cow  Major
Oryx Telles
Oryx Cousin Mike
Oryx Cousin Ben
Oryx Cousin Jonathan
Oryx Bow kill
Oryx 4
Oryx 2
Wife first hunt
Oryx Bender
Yote Nephews 1st
Oryx - Cousin Ben
Oryx 1s5
Oregan Steelhead
Oregan Steelhead 3
Oregan Steelhead 2
My only Turkey
Moose Yukon
Javelina Raising Up
Moose Yukon hide qtr
Wife_s second cow elk
Javelina Nephew
Javelina Nephew_s  2nd
Javelina Nephew 2
Javelina 5
Javelina 4
Javelina 2
Javelina 3
Javelina 1
Family Predator Hunt
Elk Trophy
Elk first bull
Elk - Brothers 1st
Deer Nephews 1st Deer
Deer David
Deer 3
Deer Brother Big 6
Deer 2
Deer - Its about Family
Coues sunset
Cobo 2
Cobo 1
Bear Capture 3
Bear Capture Yogi
Bear Left eye
Barbary Ram
Barbary Ram 2
Bear Capture 2
Barbary Cousin
Barbary Cousin Mike
Barb Vega 2010
Barbary 2
Barbar Monster
Barb population Mgt 2
Barb One more down
Barb Nephew_s 1st big game
Barb Richard
Barb Last min
Barb -Generational
Barb 2 down one to let go
Barb 1 Population Mgt
Barb - Women POWER 2010
Arctic Grizz 175yrds
Arctic Griz
Arctic COLD
Arctic Caribou 2
A DBS Ware
Arctic Caribou 1
A DBS St. James
A DBS Luke
A DBS Luke 2
A DBS Jackson
A DBS Hankin
A DBS French
A DBS Hangover
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