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Alaska Brown Bear Hunting Outfitter

This small family owed operation has been in business for over 20 years in the Chugach National Forest. This veteran outfitter and his outstanding staff have proven to be one of the most solid operations in Alaska and have excelled in everything have set out to accomplish. With only a hand full of hunters each year, you are sure to be well taken care of and the odds of coming home with a great bear are very high. This portion of Alaska is porducing some great bears in recent years and have held a long time average on 8-9"+ brown bears. All hunts include a black bear at no additional charge and the odds of taking a world class black bear is very high. Expect to hunt out of a spike camp style setting where you will gear up at base camp and head into the bush with your seasoned guide in search for bears. The mobility this style of hunting allows you to have is the reason success has been so high for so long with this above average brown bears. All of the gear you will need will be provided and hunters simply have to bring a warm bed roll, clothes, and personal items and everything else will be taken care. If you would like to learn more about this hunt and the outfitter that is providing it, please give us a call today. 

Southeast Alaska Brown Bear Hunts

  • $17,500 10 Day Hunt - always includes Black Bear at no additional charge


    If interested once you have booked the Brown Bear hunt you can opt into applying for a moose tag in this area for the fall hunts. The odds are decent of drawing and successful applicants could have an opportunity at a 50+ bull. The trophy fee if successful on the moose is $8,500


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