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Roosevelt Elk Hunting on Kodiak Island Alaska

This amazing elk hunt takes place on the famous Kodiak Island with pure blood Roosevelt Elk. You will be comfortable, warm, and well fed on a 60 foot Yacht each evening and hunting on foot from the beach each day. This is one of the best values for world class Roosevelt elk in the country, and with great odds of drawing this hunt is not something you will have to wait many years to enjoy more often than not. If checking the box for one of these amamzing coastal elk is on your bucket list, the price and experience you will find on this hunt is unlike any others. You will be hunting some of the most remote locations on the island that get very little to no other hunting pressure during the course of the year. This is truly the hunt of a lifetime, sitka Blacktail can be added on a trophy fee as well as sea duck hunting if time and conditions permit. Call us today and ensure that you are all set up prior to the mid December deadline to apply. 

Roosevelt Elk Hunting on Kodiak Island Alaska

  • 6 Day Hunt (8 Total days including travel)

    $30,000 (1x1)

    Sitka Blacktail on Trophy Fee


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