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New Zealand Red Stag hunting -  23+ square miles private land

Hunt New Zealand red stag, tahr, chamois, elk, fallow deer.

Hunt the largest red stag in New Zealand with stags scoring up to and in excess of 700" SCI!  Premier quality red stag, trophy bull elk, Himalayan tahr and European chamois are readily available. We are located in the heart of New Zealand’s #1 tourist destination.

We hunt two private blocks totaling 23+ mi2 of incredible natural terrain for consisting of deep valleys, gullies, covered in native vegetation. This natural habitat offers all the excitement of hunting in unspoiled, untamed terrain without compromising on accessibility.

NO lodge transfers or long ground transfers to hunt tahr and chamois, we are located in tahr and chamois country.

Their luxury lodge provides an ideally relaxing and peaceful country environment. Surrounded by the beauty of the Southern Alps, it’s the perfect spot to kick back and relax after a big day in the field. The first class accommodation has all the comforts of home, and much more. You’ll enjoy roaring fires, luxurious beds, modern facilities, heated swimming pool and excellent New Zealand cuisine using locally-sourced produce. It also is Handicap Accesible including elevator to second floor, we have hosted many wheelchair hunters successfully.

This is an ideal location for the non-hunting companion and entire family too. Guests can experience many local attractions under an hour from the lodge, from shopping and day spas to vineyard tours, sightseeing, fishing, bungy jumping, heliski, jet boat, golf, flightseeing to name a few. 


Ask about our early season velvet hunts for red stag and elk.


July is a great tahr / heli ski combo adventure!


Flyfishing on dry flies is hot right around Christmas! Great warm Christmas vacation idea!!

New Zealand Red Stag hunting - 23+ square miles private land

  • Package starting rates:
    5-day red stag 360-400 packages start at $9,750 - 1x1
    5-day red stag 400-450 packages start at $13,750 - 1x1
    5-day red stag 450-500 packages start at $18,750 - 1x1
    5-day red stag 500-550 packages start at $28,750 - 1x1
    5-day red stag 550-600 packages start at $38,750 - 1x1
    6-day red stag 360-400, tahr, chamois $19,500

    Ask about 2x1 pricing

    As a starting point to design your custom package.
    1x1 $750/day
    2x1 $500/day
    Non-hunter $250/day
    Red stag trophy fees:
    360-400 - $6,000
    400-450 - $10,000
    450-500 - $15,000
    500-550 - $25,000
    550-600 - $35,000
    600+ - starting at $45,000
    700+ - POA
    Tahr $5,000 plus helicopter time if used
    Chamois $4,000 plus helicopter time if used
    (budget $2,500-$3,500 for heli)
    Elk trophy fees:
    360-400 - $10,000
    400-420 - $15,000
    420-440 - $20,000
    440-460 - $25,000
    460-480 - $30,000
    480-500 - $40,000
    500+ - starting at $50,000
    Fallow deer trophy fees:
    Silver $2,500
    Gold $5,000
    Ram $1,000
    Goat $1,000
    Waterfowl $700/day
    Fly fishing/lake fishing $700/day

    Trophy fees subject to change

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