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Best dall sheep hunting in Alaska

Dall sheep hunting in Alaska is often some of the best value you will find when looking to hunt North American Wild Sheep. The unfortunate part of the story that is not often talked about is that when hunting the general sheep areas in Alaska you are likely to run into more competition than you expect on your trip to The Last Frontier. Working with one of the most sought after outfitters in the state we are very excited to offer what we believe to be the elite Dall sheep hunting experiences offered in the state. These draw opportunities allow the hunters to truly go on a sheep hunt versus simply shooting the first legal ram they come across. There is a long track record of high 30 inch sheep with a few lucky hunters coming out with rams that stretch the tape over 40 inches each year. These areas are managed more aggressively by the state for a higher age class of rams, and teamed up with this outfitter your odds are high of taking an above average ram. The hunts are conducted out of spike camp accommodations and may or may not require a charter depending on where you will be hunting and what the guides are seeing during their scouting during the summer. Meals will be freeze dried, mountain house style meals for the duration of the hunt, and you will likely be sleeping wherever you end up for the night in order to continue to cover more ground during your hunt. As a general rule sheep hunts are very physical, these hunts are no exception and hunters should arrive in excellent shape ready to put multiple miles on their boots a day in rough, slick terrain. If you have been looking for a next level sheep hunt for thousands of dollars less than you will find in the NWT then this is the hunt you have been looking for, give us a call today, we can help in securing the required guide-client agreement as well as submitting the appropriate applications in order to have your name in the hat for this incredible hunt.

Limited Entry Dall Sheep Hunting in Alaska

  • $20,000

    +$1,000 Charter (due to outfitter)

    10 Day Hunt

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