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Affordable Guided Elk hunts out west

Hunt Requires a draw


These elk hunts are located in the Carson Nation Forest of northern New Mexico. With one of the largest and healthiest  elk herds New Mexico has to offer, this hunt is high success at an incredible value. The Draw has teamed up with one of the most veteran outfitters of New Mexico to offer these high value elk hunts. With drawing odds as high as good as 1 in 4 you have a real shot at drawing this tag even the first year you apply in the guided-pool. If you are looking at getting into elk hunting or just can't imagine yourself not chasing bugling bulls this fall give us a call today so we can talk about this high success elk hunt. Accomadations are wall tents, with hot meals served cowboy style each day. Whether your preference is archery, muzzleloader, or rifle The Draw can get you lined up for this incredible hunt. Call today!

High Success Public Land Elk Hunting in New Mexico

  • Rifle or Muzzleloader - 5 Day Hunts

    2×1: $4,800.00 + 8% tax
    1×1: $5,800.00 + 8% tax


    7 Day 2×1: $4,800.00 + 8% tax
    7 Day 1×1: $5,800.00 + 8% tax
    9 Day 2×1: $5,800.00 + 8% tax
    9 Day 1×1: $6,800.00 + 8% tax

    Cost does not include license fee

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