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Free Range Ibex hunts in New Mexico

Hunt Requires a Draw


If you are the type of hunter who truly loves a challenge then do not miss out on this incredible experience in the Florida mountain of Southern New Mexico. This unforgiving pile of rocks explodes out of the desert floor thousands of feet and are covered in cactus, yuca, mesquite, and hundreds of ibex. Our outfitter and his guides have been hunting this mountain for over 40 years and have taken countless billies in that time, with many top ten entries for all weapons. Accomadations will be a ranch house at the base of the mountain and meals will be home cooked each evening you return. If you love to mountain hunt and you love a challenge give us a call, many of our staff have guided these hunts many times and we can go over all the details of the hunt and how to apply.  

Free-Range New Mexico Ibex Hunts

  • $6,500 + 8% sales tax & license - 5 Day Hunt

    $8,300 +8% sales tax & license - 8 Day Hunt

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