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Best guided aoudad hunts in west texas

With over 600,000 acres at his disposal this veteran outfitter is absolutely the premier destination for hunters serious about hunting giant aoudad rams. These hunts are catered and designed around your individual needs and whether you are new to mountain hunting, a seasoned pro, or looking to check the box on these amazing species, you have come to the right place. This small operation is 100% focused on providing a top shelf hunting experience, and with very rigid management plans on each of the ranches you will be sure to find the ram of your dreams. Accommodations vary from property to property, but as a general rule are all comfortable ranch house style accommodations. If you have been dreaming of chasing these amazing sheep in West Texas give us a call today, and as to speak to a consultant about the details and availability for the coming season. 

Free Range Aoudad Hunting in West Texas

  • 4 Full Hunting Days 

    $9,500 1x1

    $9,000 2x1

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