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Affordable Aoudad Hunts in West Texas

Located in the shadow of the tallest peak in Texas, Gaudalupe Peak National Park, this ranch is uniquely located in that you are hunting the edge of one of the few places in Texas that does not allow any hunting. What this means is that the age class in the area is very strong and very consistent. Hunters can expect to be hunting 9 -12 year old rams with most rams breaking the 30 inch mark, and an overall average the last couple of years at 32+inches. These hunts are conducted out of wall tent accomadations on the ranch. Camp fires, and sunsets, while the coyotes sing across the desert is the atmosphere to expect with great guides committed to harvesting the best rams possible. These are not a wine and dine type of hunts, but if you are more focused on the hunt and taking a mature ram versus fine dining this is exactly the hunt you have been looking for. Call us today and talk to our professional consultants about this amazing opportunity. 

Affordable Aoudad Hunts in West Texas

  • 4 Day Hunts

    $7,500 1x1 

    $6,500 2x1

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