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The Best Gift for my Hunting Husband


Have you found yourself asking these questions this holiday season?

  • What is the best gift for my hunting husband?

  • What’s the best hunting gift for Christmas?

  • What is a unique gift for my spouse who loves hunting?


The best presents/gifts resonate with the passions of the receiver. If hunting is your passion, or that of someone you know, hunting equipment is likely the gift you think of getting. It's an easy thing to get. You can hop on amazon or head over to the local outdoors store and get the newest gadget nearly immediately. We all know that a hunter can never have enough tools.


A Hunting Gift that isn’t Equipment

Physical gifts are the easiest option during the Holiday season as thousands of reviews can be read and shipping takes only a few days. But aren’t the best gifts the ones that are outside the box thinking? What if this Christmas Season, rather than gifting hunting equipment, you give them a reason to use all that stuff? You might be thinking “I don’t know what hunt he’d like to go on” or “What is the best hunt for my husband?”. Our experts can handle all of this for you and your spouse.


Of the many life lessons 2020 has taught us, we have learned that life is fragile. Creating memories and making dreams happen should be on everyone’s to do list. No matter what your husband’s dream hunt is, we will make a plan for him! Here are a few of the things we consider:


  • Which animal do they like to hunt and where?

  • What living accommodations do they prefer?

  • Do they want to hunt with a guide only or is their dream to hunt with their family?

  • How often do they want to go on a hunt and in which weather conditions?


These options and many more are what make your spouse’s hunt perfect for them. If you are looking for a specific hunt, or a plan to go on hunts for years to come, we have options for you.


What You Get?

If you prefer your husband to a part of the decision process, we are happy to speak with him prior to the holiday. If you want it to be a surprise, we can get basic information from you, and we will speak with him after the holidays!


Here is what you will get:

A letter & hat to put under the tree to represent his upcoming hunt plan!

Your husband will call and talk with us to explain his dream hunt. We will begin a plan for him to go on the hunts of his dreams.

Because the majority of dream hunts require applying each year, our experts will speak with your husband each year to update his plan.

We handle the applications for each hunt so your husband doesn’t have to.

To avoid paying all expenses up front, we can use our own card to apply for the hunts for you so you only pay the minimal fees & don’t have to wait for refunds.



The best gift for my hunting husband may just be the opportunity of a dream tag.


Creating memories and helping you and/or your spouse have a dream hunt are what we do at THE DRAW. Whether it’s a once in a lifetime hunt, quick hunt, big animal hunt, unique animal hunt, or purely an adventure hunt, give us a call or send us an email so we can begin making this happen for you.

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