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Application Service

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What does it Cost?

Non Floated Hunt Plan

$45.00 per species application service fee annually

This plan allows the customer to space out the cost over the entire application season.

We will process the service fees to lock in the Hunt Plan, and then use the credit card on file to submit applications as the deadlines approach. 

Floated Hunt Plan

  • $27.00 per species applications service fee +

  • 9% of the cost of the permit if an up front cost is required during the application process +

  • $50.00 Float service fee for states that do not require up front money unless you have selected Point Only for all applications

All fees are annual

This plan allows the customer to opt into a one-time payment per year and bypass the up front cost of states 

Start Drawing the Hunts of Your Dreams Now

Fill out this form and press submit at the bottom, a consultant will

be in touch with you shortly to gather the remaining sensitive information we will need in order to set up your profiles in each of the different states. 

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