Best Canadian Moose Outfitter

With over 20 years of experience in one of the world’s most premier big game hunting destinations you simply can't find a better operation if you are looking to hunt moose in the Northwest Territories. This outfitter and his incredible staff leave no stone unturned in preparing and hosting your trip of a lifetime. Moose in this area typically go between 55-65 inches but there have been a handful of 70+ inch bulls taken over the years. Whether you choose to hunt off of horseback or a backpack style hunt you will be in good hands in one of the most game rich areas this part of the world has to offer. Depending on the hunt you select you will be staying in anything from spike tents, to wall tents, to remote cabin accommodations. Mountain Caribou are considered an animal of opportunity and can be added to your trip on a trophy fee basis and a hunter can expect to be hunting bulls in the 365-400-inch range. Wolf and Wolverine are also available at no extra charge except the license and government trophy fee. If you have been dreaming of a trip like this give us a call today as space is strictly limited each year and often require booking at least two years in advance to secure a spot. 

Trophy Moose in the Northwest Territories

  • 2018 Prices

    9 Day Backpack Hunt

    $23,000 + 2.5% GST


    10 Day Backpack Hunt

    $24,500 + 2.5% GST


    $5,000 Trophy Fee on Mountain Caribou