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Bob Adams Guide in Alaska

Located at the base of the Kilbuck Mountains in Alaska this 40 year veteran outfitter in Alaska is running one of the best Brown Bear/Grizzly operations in the world. With over 10,000 hours in the air under his belt you will be hard pressed to find an outfitter that understands these bears and where they live. Offering both spring and fall hunts you are in for the hunt of a lifetime regardless of the time of year you would prefer to hunt. Spring hunts are conducted off of snow machines and you should expect to cover many miles per day and spend hours behind your glass looking for mature bears as they leave there dens. Fall hunts are conducted on the rivers and in the foothills that are covered with berries. Early fall you will spend most of your days covering ground on the river looking for bears that are filling up on salmon, while later in the fall the bears tend to congregate in the berry patches found on the foothills of the mountains. Give us a call today and let’s talk about making this dream into a reality. Limited space is available each year so don't wait. 

Southwest Alaska Grizzly Hunt

  • 8 Day Hunt


    Spring Hunts are conducted off of snow machines

    Fall Hunts are float and backpack trips



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