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Raft Assisted Brown Bear Hunt Southeast Alaska

Southeast Alaska has long been regarded as where a hunter would go to have the highest chance at success on taking a Brown Bear. The bear density in these areas are a good here as anywhere in the entire state of Alaska. We are exicted to have the opportuntiy to send 2 hunters a year to hunt these incredible bears. Hunts will be spike camp style of hunting and raft assisted. What this means is you will not be dropped off and married to a single patch of dirt. Often times hunters will spend a couple of days in one location, and if simply isn't working out, you will load up your gear in the raft, and float down a few miles until you find what looks to be a solid place and set up your spike camp again, and continue hunting. Being mobile on a hunt like this lends itself to a much higher success rate. Bears in this area of the state typically range from 8 - 9.5 feet with the occasional bear bigger than this, but as a general rule if you are looking for a 10 foot bear this is not a good fit for your goals. All that said if you would love a chance to hunt Brown Bears, and would like to do it, in some of the highest bear density areas of the state these hunts these hunts are some of the best value we have found for this style of hunting and species. Call us today, to speak with your consultant on all the finer details of the hunt. Remember there are only two spots a year so these hunts fill up quickly. 

Raft Assisted Brown Bear Hunt Southeast Alaska

  • 10 Day Hunt 1x1


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