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New Mexico Trophy Antelope Hunt

New Mexico has long been considered a top choice when looking to hunt above average antelope. The Draw has teamed up with this veteran outfitter to offer an amazing opportunity to hunt these trophy antelope in some of the most historic parts of the state, from Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War you will be surrounded by some of the richest history the state has to offer. You can expect to be hunting bucks ranging from the mid-70's to over 80 inches and with a success rate of over 90% for many years, the odds are you will be going home with a nice buck or be missing a couple boxes of bullets. Spot and Stalk hunting will be the name of the game, you and your professional guide will cover lots of ground with the 4x4 vehicles and using your optics to look over lots of antelope and country. Once the right buck is located, you will proceed on foot, as you get into position for your shot. If this sounds like the type of hunt you have been searching for give us a call and let's talk more about the details. 

New Mexico Trophy Antelope Hunt

  • $4,500.00 + tax (1x1) 3 Day Hunt

    $3,750.00 + tax (2x1) 3 Day Hunt

    $3,250.00 + tax (3x1) 3 Day Hunt

    Tax Rate: 8.3125%

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