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New Mexico Residents Only Cow Elk Hunt
If you are looking to line up a cow elk hunt in your home state and have had no luck in the draw we can help. Applying in the Guided-Pool your odds of drawing will be near 100%. Currently landowner permits for cow elk range anywhere from $500 - $1000 depending on which unit you are looking to hunt. With this offering will receive a two day guided hunt with a licensed guide that is familiar with the unit. Once the two days is complete if you have not been successful but would like to continue hunting you can do so legally. Give us a call to talk about this unique opportunity and ensure that you see a little bit of Green when the draw posts in NM. 

New Mexico Residents Only Cow Elk Hunt

  • 2 Day Guided Hunt (all hunts subject to a 6.8% NM sales tax)

    $1,200 1x1

    $900 2x1

    $700 3 or 4x1


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