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Dall Sheep hunting in Alaska

These horseback hunts in the Brooks Range are tough to beat. With an outstanding track record and an oufitter who has been hunting this area for over a decade you are sure to have a fantastic experience hunting these amazing mountains for which ever species you are setting your sights on. The base camp is located approximaltly 125 miles North of the Artic Circle and to say you will be off of the grid on this adventure is an understatement. This area of the state holds lots of game ranging from Dalls sheep, to Artic grizzly, Alaskan moose, as well as the occasional wolf and black bear. Trophy quality for each of these species is fantastic and hunters should expect to have opportunties at 36"+ Rams, as well as 6'6" - 7'+ foot grizzlies. These mountain bears are just gorgous and come in a number of different color phases from blonde to dark chocolate. There is also a good chance for 55 - 65 inch bull moose in this part of the state if you choose to plan your hunt for a two or three species trip. Base camp is very comfortable with wall tents and wood burning stoves. You will be well fed, and even have a hot shower while there. Once the hunting begins you will head out on the horses to your spike camp location and begin hunting both on foot as well as covering bigger areas with the horses each day. There is only 3 spots per week of hunting and depending on whether you are looking for just sheep or planning a combo hunt, these hunts fill up typically 2 years in advance. Don't wait another day and call us to learn why we believe this to be one of the best options in Alaska when looking to hunt these three species.

Horse Back Dall Sheep/Combo Hunts in the Brooks Range Alaska

  • 2023

    Sheep $22,000 + License, permits, and Charter (10 Day Hunt) 

    Two Species Hunt - Pick 2 - Sheep, Moose, or Grizzly $27,000 + License, permits, and Charter (12 Day Hunt)

    Three Species Hunt - Sheep, Moose, Grizzly $27,000 + License, permits, and Charter (12 Day Hunt) Last hunt of the year, only 5 days of sheep hunting on this hunt approx. the last two weeks of September 

    $2500 Trophy fee on Black Bear

    No trophy fees on wolf or wolverine

    $5,000 observer fee

    All hunters are encouraged to take a wolf if given the opportunity 

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