If you are looking for an affordable get away and a way to fill the freezer, or a great location to get a young hunter started in the world of elk hunting this incredible location in southern Idaho will not dissappoint. These hunts take place in the lower elevations of the unit and you will be hunting BLM and State property for the duration of your hunt. These are a low impact type of hunt and much of your time will be spent covering ground in either a 4x4 vehicle or UTV's as you move from known glassing locations in the hunt area to locate herds of elk. Once located you and your guide will move in on foot to get into position for your shot. Accomadations will be located in a newly remodeled lodge at the base of the mountain or in a camp that consists of a cabin for meals and lounging, and wall tents with cots, wood floors, and heaters for sleeping. Availabilty is very limited on these hunts each year, so click here for More Information or call today and talk with a consultant today. 

Cow Elk in South Hills of Idaho

  • $1,600 + Tax (6%)

    3 Day Hunt

 (575) 222-1234
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