Cow Elk Hunting in New Mexico

These high success cow elk hunts take place on the famous Vermajo Park located in Northern New Mexico. You will be hunting on a 150,000 acre portion of the property and success rates have been at or near 100% for over 20 years. These are not a spot and stalk style hunt, and you should expect to spend the majority of the time while you are on the property covering ground in a 4x4 vehicle searching the vast amounts of cuts, valleys and basins searching for elk. The weather that time of year in Northern New Mexico can change very dramatically and could be in the 50's one morning and snow on the ground by nightfall. Meals and lodging are not included in this hunt. There are a number of hotels as well as restuarants to choose from in Raton NM where the hunt will be based out of. Your guide will pick you up in the morning at your hotel, provide a sack lunch and beverages for you and drop you off at the conclusion of the day. Once you are successful the animal will be field dressed and taken to the local meat processing facility or anywhere you like in the Raton area for you to skin and prepare for travel. These hunts fill up very quickly each year, so in order to have a better selection of dates calling early is in your best interst. 

Cow Elk Hunting in New Mexico

  • 3 Day Hunts

    $1,600 + 8% sales tax (2x1)

    $1,800 + 8% sales tax (1x1)

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