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Float Trip Caribou Hunting in Alaska

Located on the Northern Slopes of the Brookes Range you will be hunting these incredible caribou in there summer range. What this means is you will not find yourself hoping that the herd migrates through your area during the hunt. These caribou have not begun their annual march south. This location is an intersection of the Porcupine Herd (70,000 animals), the Central Arctic Herd (60,000 animals) and the gigantic Western Arctic Herd (500,000 animals), so the likelihood of finding the bull of your dreams is very high. With strict management of only one caribou per hunter this area continues to produce trophy bulls ranging from 330-400 inches each year. This veteran outfitter has been hosting these successful hunts for many years, with his expert staff you will be safe and well taken care of for the duration of your trip. Whether you prefer a raft based hunt or like the challenge of a backpack style hunt, this outfitter has you covered. Give us a call today if you have been dreaming of a world class caribou hunt, and with the option to include a grizzly on this trip the value this creates cannot be beat. 

Brookes Range Caribou Hunting

  • 2021

    $12,900   1x1 (7 Day Hunt)                                       

    $8,900   2x1  ​Fly in Hunt 

    $9,900   2x1  Raft Hunt 

    *Grizzly available on trophy fee $8,500

    1 - Caribou 

    *2022 expect an increase of $1,000 per hunt

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