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Mountain Goat Hunting in Alaska

This boat based mountain goat hunt located on the Kenia peninsula of Alaska is the perfect mix of luxury and an intense mountain hunting experience. Your days will be filled with hours of glassing as you search for a mature Billy in an accessible location. This veteran outfitter and his professional staff work year round preparing to make your week of hunting truly the trip of a lifetime. With fantastic sleeping quarters and excellent meals you will comfortable and well relaxed when you are not in pursuit. This area has produced some incredible Billie’s over the last several years, including a number of them qualifying for B&C. As long as you are prepared for some very physical climbing once the Billy is located you will have an excellent opportunity at taking a world class goat. This hunt has been 100% success for multiple years, this is a testament to the hard work and effort that goes into each hunt but is also due to clients coming prepared physically as well. If you would rather lay your head on a soft pillow and bed each night and have fantastic hot meals for the duration of your hunt, than this boat based hunt will be a perfect fit for you when you decide it’s time to check the box on this beautiful species only found here in North America. Observers are welcome on this hunt as well, so don’t hesitate to bring your significant other and share in the breathtaking views you can only find in these remote areas of Alaska. Give us a call today to talk about the high drawing odds and how we can get you applied for a hunt this coming fall. 


*Hunters are strongly suggested to apply as a party application with 2 hunters

Boat Based Mountain Goat Hunts in Alaska

  • 6 Day Hunt

    $18,900 (1x1)

    Coastal Black Bear on Trophy Fee + $3,500.00

    Observers $4,600.00

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