Platinum Membership

The Platinum Membership is designed for the hunter who wants to be engaged on an elite level. .

Lower 48 Mountain Goat
New Mexico Aoudad

What's included?

 You see it first 

You will receive notice of any outfitter discounted or cancellation hunts one week prior to them being released to the website.


Your enrollment fee of $100 will be waived and you receive one ticket for each sheep selection or $185 credit to be used on any selections you would prefer. ($285 Value)

Premium Apparel

This offering will change from year to year but will include no less than $500 in premium apparel from the most trusted brands in the industry. Each item will be embroidered with The Draw Platinum Membership logos.

Governor’s Tags and Auction Permits

This service is only offered to Platinum members, you will receive emails prior to each auction opportunity in the country, and never miss out of the most sought after permits available. Whether they are offered at a local banquet or national convention you will always be in the loop, and if necessary we will help you in the bidding process even if you cannot attend.

Hunt with us

Platinum members only will receive one free raffle ticket per year to hunt with a consultant. The 2019 hunt will be for a 3 day antelope hunt in New Mexico.

 Includes: Professional guide, all meals, lodging, in field transportation, in field trophy care.

Excluded: Travel, license, personal items and gratuities. 

Yearly Membership Fee: $1,250.00