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Available Hunts October 2022


Affordable Aoudad Hunts in West Texas

$4,950 2x1 / $5,500 1x1 Hunts can be scheduled from October - March (6 spots)

Located in the shadow of the tallest peak in Texas, Guadalupe Peak National Park, this ranch is uniquely located in that you are hunting the edge of one of the few places in Texas that does not allow any hunting. What this means is that the age class in the area is very strong and very consistent. Hunters can expect to be hunting 9 -12 year old rams with most rams breaking the 30 inch mark, and an overall average the last couple of years at 32+inches. 

Bear 1.jpg

Affordable Black Bear Hunts in Saskatchewan

$3,250 1x1 Hunts can be scheduled from Mid May - Mid June annually

With over 50 square miles of Boreal forest in northeastern Saskatchewan this outfitter boost one of the premier areas in North America for trophy black bears. With double occupancy tree stands at each location you will have more than enough room for yourself and your gear. Whether you are looking to hunt with archery equipment or your favorite rifle this outfitter will have you covered.

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