Kansas Whitetail Outfitter

 The Deer Only Package is designed to get the hard core deer hunter in the field as often as possible based on their goals. This package takes into account many opportunities for multiple different species and states. The Draw has built the Deer Only Package so you can rest assured that you will be hunting some of the best locations the country has to offer, sooner than later. 

Total Cost on the Non-Float Plan - $891.37

State Fees - $581.37

The Draw Service Fees - $310.00

Balance Due in the Non-Float Plan to lock in for the Perfect Package will be $310.00 all other charges will happen periodically during the application season and you will see these state fees on your credit card statement as the application is processed coming directly from the state websites.

Total Cost on the Floated Plan - $1,014.34 

State Fees - $581.37

The Draw Service Fees including Float Service Fees - $432.97

Balance Due in the Floated Plan to lock in for the Perfect Package will be $1,014.34 there will be no other charges on your card during the application season unless you are successful in drawing a permit which at that time we would square up on the cost of that permit.

Because one of your sheep applications as well as an elk application will require the money up front in order to be applied in the Floated Plan we will be Floating $429 on our line of credit during the application period. Our Float Service often times allows applicants the ability to apply in draws like these

that may have been out of the question without a service like this. 

This package consists of 7 different deadlines starting in the middle of February and ending in late October that you will not need to worry about once you are locked in.  

Additional applications can be added at any time.

Package includes 8 deer applications.

Call The Draw today for a complete breakdown of cost and states involved.